As a British colony, rugby was introduced into public schools and clubs in South Africa, in the 19th century, starting with schools in the Cape Colony and Natal, and later spreading into the Boer Republics.

Rugby, along with cricket, eventually became the most popular sports, but due to the government’s…

For the uninitiated, photonics is an exceptionally wide field, but basically it is the science and the application of light in all its various forms, including the generation, transmission and processing of light in various applications.

Probably the best-known application for the man in the street is your smartphone. Look…

It’s probably safe to assume that most people consider Doctor Chris Barnard performing of the world’s first successful heart transplant the highlight of South Africa’s contribution to international medicine.

That’s not entirely true, but it certainly did focus on the quality of medical science on the tip of Africa.


A Breath of Life for Covid Patients

As the Covid pandemic batters countries around the world, even those with the best and most advanced medical technology are battling to stem the tide of Covid deaths.

One of the biggest problems medical staff encounter, is finding sufficient ventilators to help those…

World’s First Successful Heart Transplant

When Professor Chris Barnard performed the world’s first successful heart transplant at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town on December 3rd, 1967, the world was astounded that such a high tech, record-breaking event would first be performed by an unknown surgeon at an unknown…

Mitch Launspach

A South African who believes that South Africa’s contribution to the world is under-rated, and intends to make sure the world is aware of this before he dies!

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